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How do I purchase a house in North Cyprus?

You may contact us from the contact details of our company, make inquiries to authorised staff, make an appointment and receive information regarding the estate portfolio.

Appointment and Inquiries Please Call:  +90 533 867 4255 – +90 548 840 8485 or mail info@enersiscyp.com

-          What is the client profile?

a.       Local and foreigner clients . 

-          How do wee see the projects?

b.      You will need to visit our offices in order to see the projects. The Sales Department would show the projects and answer your questions or you can visit


-          I live abroad, how can I see your projects?

c.     Abroad client should visit North Cyprus in the very first place. You may book your flight ticket on your own or via us through contacting us prior to your visit. Enersis Estates will greet you at the airport than accompany you to your accommodation prebooked beforey our visit Additionally free-of-charge Estates Tour is included for two days.

PS: Estates Tour do not intend touristy tour. Visitors are are recommended to bear in mind that otherwise the company may charge expenses.

-          What is the next step if an estate is to be purchased?

d.    In case you like an estate to purchase, a non-refundable deposit is needed. For flats, £1000, for detached houses £ 2000, terrain and/or projects £ 4000 deposits are obligatory for pre-reservation until the procedures are completed. This duration should not exceed 20 days. For further reservations, sales representatives will assist accordingly.

-          Why to purchase an estate in North Cyprus?

e.    Ranked as 5 among 106 countries, North Cyprus is one of the places to make investments in estates sector due to its climate, sacred nature, unique coastal line as well as friendly Cypriots who have European perspectives with warm and cosy hospitality to guests, thus make them feel at home. Proudly, we announce that Cyprus is among the first countries which has a population less than 5 million. You do not need to wait in order to be a part of this little paradise!! Additionally, American Federal Research Bureau declared Cyprus as one of the most secure countries. We would like to hos you in our office to provide a profittable, sustainable and fulfilling investment opportunity throuh best service and inquiries.

-          What are the rules and rights of the foreigners who purchase estates in Cyprus?

f.      A foreign citizen is entitled to purchase only one house or flat, or an empty terrain of 1 donum (14,400 ft2 or 1.338 m2). Spouses who have same surnames are deemed as one real person and purchase right is remained and limited with one estate. Children do not possess any further rights other than their parents.

-          Are there any additional taxes except estate purchase?

g.    The additional taxes except estate purchase are as follows:

Stamp Fee: This fee is paid by the purchaser by 0.5 per cent to Tax Office for                   certification purposes.

VAT: This tax is paid by the client in 5 per cent rates over the contract price to the            Tax Office.

Transformer Contribution + Substructures and Connections: The expenses on            power, phone, water supply and other substructures are equally divided to the clients as    the state do not conduct the connections. According to the scale of the project, the          expenses vary between £1500 – £3500 and are paid beforehand the submission of the       keys.

Deed Transfer Fee: As the attorney receives the house purchase permits, and in case       the client pays all the debts of the house and the deed is pending, this fee is paid in 3             per cent rate according to the price evaluation of the TRNC Deed Department.

PS: In second hand estate purchases, as the house is not bought from a professional           vendor, VAT and Transformer Fee is not charged. If there is a contract, only Stamp         Fees are paid. If not, 3 per cent transfer fee is paid. Detailed information can be        obtained from the sales department

-          Which banks do I need to work with in case I purchase an estate in North Cyprus?


World widely accredited banks, Turkish banks and local TRNC banks work via Turkey are currently present in TRNC. ING BANK, Türkiye İş Bankası, Garanti Bankasi, TC Ziraat Bankası, Faisal İslam Bankası, Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası, TC Halk Bankası, Limasol Türk Bankası, Türk Bankası, Credit West and many more offer secure money  transactions to North Cyprus. There is not any economic problems in North Cyprus in this matter. Many foreigners choose to save their earnings in TRNC banks.